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Advice for Newlyweds is exactly what you need when...

The fabulous wedding is over. The guests have gone home, the tuxes have been returned, the bridal gown is at the dry-cleaner's, and the two of you have been labeled as "newlyweds"...

...and now what?

It's time to start the rest of your lives together in the real world. Oh, but easier said than done! There are so many things you may find don't come very naturally to you at first:

  • What are the best ways to keep your place clean and tidy, and can husband training help with this?

  • Quotes on marriage and marriage poems you may want to write in birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc cards for each other

  • Marital advice for how you will communicate when disagreements come up?

  • Advice for newlyweds on how to deal with your in-laws?

  • Will you combine your finances or keep your bank accounts separate?

  • Are marriage retreats a good idea for you and your spouse?

  • Where will you go on cheap vacations, presumably on a budget?

  • Questions about sex?

  • Need some fun adult board games to play to entertain yourselves?

  • And of course the never-ending question... what are some easy recipes you can make for dinner?!

And if you're not married yet, you may be wondering about:

Well, look no further. Because right here you will find the answers to these questions... and so much more!

couple sitting back-to-back on moving day

As a "newlywed" of almost 5 years, I have certainly “been there, done that” when it comes to all things newlywed. I have experienced the ups (which have been many) and the downs (which have been few), and everything in between.

Speaking from experience and also from observing many long-time happily married couples, I know that building a solid and happy marriage takes time and effort. I also know that it's 100% totally worth it.

You took the plunge when you said “I do”. Now I invite you to explore this site to discover my helpful advice for newlyweds for building the most important relationship you will ever have.

Whether you've been married one day, one month, one year, or even longer, this advice for newlyweds will help you transform your marriage from good to great! Let's get started!

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